The National Scratch Competition Year 2

About Us

This competition was created to promote Scratch programming in elementary level. This goal aligns with computing science subject that emphasizes coding as an important skill in the 21st century when technology plays a crucial role. Not only will programming practice of applicants benefit themselves, but it will help stimulate their peers’ eagerness to learn as well.

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Why Your Kid Should Participate
In Scratch Competition Year 2?

Competition details


Application Process and Judging Criteria

1. Create the work using Scratch on the topic of “Educational Multimedia”

   Type of work

   • Can be of any kind (such as game, animation, educational media, and etc.)

   • Can be of any subject or focus that fosters learning


The work must be complete, with an appropriate opening and ending.

     It must also not have any bugs while using.
   • The work should employ appropriate algorithm and have clean code with no redundancy.

     It must also not be run outside the program.


   • Be user-friendly and intuitive
   • Be creative, innovative, and interesting
   • Be practical and beneficial to learning


2. Click ‘Share’ button to generate the Scratch project link to be used for work submission. For the step-by-step guide, please refer to “Video Submission” section.


3. Record an introduction VDO explaining the work to the judges by using the following criteria:
   • Be no longer than 3 minutes
   • Introduce a first name, surname, and nickname
   • Explain what the work’s concept is, how it is beneficial, and what problem(s) it can solve
   • Explain the work’s appropriate user group
   • Explain briefly how to use the work
   • Upload the introduction VDO onto YouTube only


4. Fill the links to the Scratch project and the introduction VDO in the following form:  Applicants must make sure that both links are set to public. In case that the judges cannot access the links, the project will be disqualified from the competition.


5. Wait for the announcement and be ready for Round 2 if selected!



   • Each applicant can submit one project only. Should it be found that an applicant submits more than one project, only the first project will be judged.

   • Code Genius Academy reserves the rights to use the Scratch projects and the VDOs for public relation purposes.

Video Submission

1. How to record the screen

2. How to generate a Scratch project link to apply for the competition

3. Examples of works from the National Scratch Competition 2021


‘The Coder of The Future’ certificate
will be awarded to


November 14, 2022 - January 15, 2023

Recruitment announcement and upload your work and video clip introducing your own work into the system. (During the first round of competition).

November 14, 2022 - January 15, 2023

Scratch School On Tour Workshop: Free basic Scratch programming workshop by Code Genius Academy at participating schools in Bangkok Metropolitan Region

December 3-24, 2022
Month of Scratch!: Free online basic Scratch programming workshop by Code Genius Academy every Saturday throughout December
January 28, 2023

Announcement of the finalists.

February 19, 2023

Final competition day at Satit Pattana School.

** Schedule changes as appropriate **


You can apply for the competition for free. Also, every applicant can participate in “Month of Scratch!” free online workshop by Code Genius Academy to learn basic Scratch programming. You can apply via the website and submit the project for Round 1 competition by clicking the buttons below.